Global Outreach Mission, a tough month for Guatemala, and a little bit straight from my heart.

Dear friends,

Thank you for checking back here! You may be wondering where I have disappeared to the past two months since I last posted. I ran into some roadblocks because Hope for Home is an American organization and I’m Canadian. Long story short, I have become a full-time missionary under Global Outreach Mission, but will still be working with Hope for Home in Guatemala. Global Outreach will look after things like my finances and insurance. This is great news because they will help me iron out all the details to make sure that I will be successful when I hit the ground in Guatemala. It was an unexpected bump in the road that took some time to get over, but it was worth it!

The last month or so has been tough for Hope for Hope. You may have heard on the news of a large government-run orphanage that had a fire in early March. At least 40 girls lost their lives, and there are hundreds of children who have been displaced due to the fire. The government is calling on other orphanages and group homes to take in more children. The problem is that most existing homes are already filled to overflowing with children. There is neither space nor resources/staff to give 600 children a new home, and Hope for Home


Just look at those mountains! The hills are aliveeee….

is no exception. There is simply no space! In faith, they rent a new house and opened a second home to house 10 of the displaced children. Incredible! Now they are watching God provide staff and everything else needed for the home to function. God is doing amazing things in Guatemala right now. 

The second thing that has been difficult is that the same day of the orphanage fire, Hope for Home’s operations manager (who is Guatemalan) was shot and killed outside his home. Manuel leaves behind his wife and two sons. The motive for the shooting is unknown, and his family will  likely never have the answers they are looking for on this side of heaven. Manuel’s death also leaves a huge hole in the ministry. He was a key player and will be greatly missed. Pray for Hope for Home as they work through all of this. You can read more about these two events HERE in a blog from the director of Hope for Home.

I have been trying to articulate on paper exactly WHY I am uprooting myself and moving to Guatemala. Sometimes it sounds crazy to me. Here is what I came up with, and I remind myself of it daily—

Practically speaking, I am going to work as a nurse in Guatemala because people are dying unnecessarily and simple education and health care can prevent that. But the real reason I am going to Guatemala is because God is going to use me to bring people into His kingdom. In a culture where women are devalued and male machismo is dominant, childbirth provides unique access into women’s lives. With such access, I can develop relationships and trust to speak to women about the Source of Life, Jesus. I will have access to talk to them about their destiny in Jesus and that of their child-whether the birth of a child brings hope and anticipation to the women, or whether it is laced with fear and grief. I will teach that God has had a name for that child since before time


Lyrics from one of my favourite Spanish worship songs: “I no longer live, Christ lives in my. I want to be clay in Your hands”

began. In a country that has the highest maternal and infant death rates in Central America, I can welcome the presence of God into the room and take a stand against death. I can cover the labour, delivery, and lives of the mother, baby, and family in prayer. I am not going to Guatemala to simply be a nurse. Anyone could do that. Instead, I go armed with the knowledge that God can take an earthly situation and turn it into a deeply spiritual one. I will invite the Holy Spirit into the room through worship, and be attuned to the voice of the Great Physician and Healer. I will simply be a vessel in the hand of God.

That’s why I’m going to Guatemala. When I re-read that, my heart starts pounding because I know that I know that I know that God is doing huge things, and I get to be part of that (and you can too!). 
It reminds me of the song by Brian and Katie Torwalt,

When you walk into the room
Everything changes
Darkness starts to tremble
At the light that you bring
And when you walk into the room
Every heart starts burning
And nothing matters more
Than just to sit here at your feet
And worship you
We worship you

When you walk into the room
Sickness starts to vanish
Every hopeless situation ceases to exist
And when you walk into the room,
The dead begin to rise
‘Cause there is resurrection life
In all You do

Aren’t those lyrics incredible? When Jesus walks into the room/situation/relationship/(you-fill-in-the-blank), EVERYTHING CHANGES — sickness vanishes, hopeless situations suddenly cease, the dead are raised. This is the God I serve. The Creator of the universe resides in us, and He is a miracle-maker. He doesn’t do things like this only in Guatemala— what city do you live in? Alliston? Toronto? Goderich? Are you in the States? Our God transcends borders and He is willing and ready to walk into YOUR situation and change everything, if you’ll ask Him — just wait and see!

That’s all I’ve got for you right now! I want to take this opportunity to direct you over to my Support Me tab. There, I’ve outlined all of the ways that you can partner with me in God’s work in Guatemala! Many of you have supported me in the past, and I hope you will see the value of what I will be doing and come alongside me again. So head over there to read more, OR if you don’t need any more convincing, click HERE to go straight to my donor page at Global Outreach.

You can find current prayer requests here.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, GRACIAS for reading all the way to the end. I hope that this post has encouraged you! Please send me a message if there is any way I can pray for you or support you in anything. This is a two way street 🙂



3 thoughts on “Global Outreach Mission, a tough month for Guatemala, and a little bit straight from my heart.

  1. Stephanie, I am thrilled with the direction you have chosen to take, accepting Gods challenge to you to be such a beautiful light in such a dark corner of this world. My joy is to partner with you in all areas of support, since I have not been called to shine my light out there, but to stay put and keep the light burning, here at home.
    You are the perfect fit for this work. I can only imagine your sweet, calm, reassuring presence in a room, bringing peace to the women of Guatemala, when they need it the most.
    Don’t ever lose heart or stray from the purpose God has chosen for you, weather always in Guatemala or anywhere else on the mission field.
    He holds your face in his hands and we hold you up to him in our prayers.
    Love, Beth.


    • Beth, thank you so much for your comment. You have no idea how encouraging it is to me! Thank you for believing in me and in what God has called me to.


  2. Well written, Stephanie. Incredibly exciting!

    Michael Kotsopoulos Pastor, Faith Community Church of Alliston (705) 984 – 6305 | Meeting at the Gibson Centre Check us IMPORTANT: The contents of this email and any attachments are confidential. They are intended for the named recipient(s) only. If you have received this email by mistake, please notify the sender immediately and do not disclose the contents to anyone or make copies thereof.


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