December 2017: A new house!

In my last update I shared how I was still in the process of looking for a house to rent. In this update, I am going to tell you all about the one that we found! I’m sharing the house with a friend, Taryn. Her parents are the directors of Hope for Home and we will be working together at the birth centre.

The house we found is in the town of San Andres, about 20 minutes from Antigua (the closest big town). It is only a 5 minute walk from the Fulp’s house and Hope for Home’s group homes. It is a 50 minute drive to Escuintla, where the birth centre will be. Here’s a map. I will be doing a lot of driving to get to Escuintla every day, but I am happy to live in San Andres for now.


While I’m talking about the birth centre, I have an update for you on the construction of the centre. Construction is planned to start within two weeks!! The foreman on the job site said that it will take his guys two months to build, and then we will need some time to furnish it and get it ready for business! We are all anxious to get started! As we were driving home from a meeting about construction lat week, Daryl said, “I can’t wait for the first birth! That will be SO exciting!” We all feel the same! Things are moving and we are EXCITED.

Back to my house! Here is a photo tour.


keys to our house! 


view of the living room from the kitchen


view of the kitchen from the living room. There are no cupboards so we have to be creative with space.


up the stairs to the 2nd floor where the bedrooms are. The entire first floor is finished, but as you go upstairs there is exposed concrete. Likely the owner had enough money to finish the first floor but ran out of money to nicely finish the upstairs.


the hallway upstairs– 4 bedrooms and a bathroom (there is also a bathroom on the first floor); also showing stairs to the roof


My bedroom


my dresser


up the stairs from the 2nd floor to the roof


climbing up to the roof


view of the town from the roof


another view from the roof

We love the house!! We are so happy with it. The flat, concrete roof will be one of my favourite places. We are going to put a little table and chairs up there. The washing machine and clothes line are also on the roof. We can spy on so many people from up there 😉 We can see  a couple of volcanos from the roof, but the clouds are covering them in the pictures. The house has 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, which is a lot for a Guatemalan house. It means that we have a GUEST ROOM so please, come visit!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has given one-time donations to make it possible for me to buy all of the furniture and appliances. The house came completely unfurnished and I was able to furnish it all within my budget thanks to YOU. At the same time, I want to thank my monthly donors for your continued support. Thank you for your faithfulness and for trusting me to use your financial gifts wisely.

If I don’t talk to you before Christmas, Merry Christmas!! I hope that you enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. I will miss having a white Christmas, getting together with family, and all the traditions my family has. HOWEVER, I am going to have Christmas in the sun this year, watching fireworks from my rooftop at midnight, and spending time with friends who are also far from their families. It’s so encouraging to be part of the body of Christ, isn’t it?

Thank you for reading! Talk soon.




3 thoughts on “December 2017: A new house!

  1. Hey Steph!!! The house looks great! I’m so glad you guys found it. Beautiful view from the rooftop too. Good to hear you have a guest room….I will really have to seriously think about coming for a visit! Merry Christmas!!!


  2. Dear Stephanie,
    Alisa and I read all your updates with a great interest. You are doing so well!
    The house looks great! Congratulations!
    We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! May this new year be filled with happiness and joy and successful work.
    We wish you to realize all your great plans.
    Vladimir & Alisa. From Alliston with Love,


  3. Hi Stephanie, Have been thinking of you recently…..came upon your email and pics of your house which really looks so pleasant and you have made it look very inviting and cosy. How lucky to enjoy lovely sunny weather!! How are things progressing with the clinic, travelling there, receiving patients etc. In other words , how is it all working out? So happy you are doing an exciting work as God has directed and blessed you to do….continue to enjoy this particular time of your life! Looking forward to hearing your latest news…. Love, Jackie and Ian

    P.S how was your Guatemalan Christmas?



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