Pray for Me

November 2017

  • that I would find a good house quickly so that I can get settled. It’s hard to feel like this is a permanent move when I’m still living in someone else’s house

June 2017

  • my sister got engaged last month and the wedding is this September before I leave! (YAY!). My entire family is super busy this summer with work and pumpkins and weddings and moving to a new country… we all need prayer HAHA.
  • My fundraising is at 50% of what I need. I know that God has already selected a team of people to support me for the long-haul, so join me in praying that I find them!

April 2017

  • pray for Hope for Home as they open their second home in response to the orphanage fire, also as they deal with the death of Manuel
  • pray that God would open hearts as I begin to fundraise
  • pray for me as I continue to organize and translate medical forms/documentation and study in preparation; it is overwhelming how much there is to do to get ready!

Feb 2017

  • pray that I would learn a lot working at the hospital for the next 8 months to prepare me for Guatemala, that I would make the most of my time in Canada
  • pray that the money I need to fundraise would come in
  • pray for me as I try to wrap my head around what “being a missionary” really means

Check back here often for current prayer requests